We cover all aspects of pipelines

This picture presents a workshop on pipeline repair.


a) Pipeline Technical Studies Related to: Route Selection; ROW Procedures, Services & Easement Contracts, Geotechnical Evaluations & Investigations, Cathodic Protection, Coatings (specification, inspection & repair), Internal Corrosion, Hydraulics, Pigging, Integrity, Defect & Failure Analysis, Repair, Metering, Leak Detection, Control Room Management – CRM, Pipeline 4.0, Subsea Pipelines, Risk Management, Illegal Tapping, Public Perception and Social License to Operate, Oil Spill Remediation, and Decommissioning & Abandonment.
b) Pipelines and Terminals logistical solutions associated with all segments of the supply chains dealing with oil and gas activities, on-shore as well as off-shore. These studies cover the logistical processes and challenges associated with the midstream sector. Pipeline tariff rate studies considering the demand – origin/destination and also other important tariff conditions (e.g., line fill, loss allowance, water content, H2S, CO2 … ). Studies to evaluate the pipeline capacity are also developed.
c) Go-To-Market Studies: How to assess a new market; Local Market Peculiarities; Local Laws & Regulations; Local Policies; Language Barriers; Local Price Sensitivity; Local Culture & Customer Decisions; Local Partners; Local Competitors.


It is a new way to treat and to prospect pipeline inventions and technologies developed from the Brazilian Universities. The government agencies have been establishing and funding university research centers and there are very strong groups. Some of these universities retained the knowledge and the ownership of these technologies that resulted from these groups. However, very little research has been commercialized or applied in the pipeline industry. PIPELINEBRAZIL is a possible link between these amazing technology groups and the pipeline industry. As a result of the partnership, pipeline technologies will be field tested, patented, licensed and commercialized both in Brazil and worldwide.


PIPELINEBRAZIL is located in Brazil, but as we have been applying digital technology, we are also a global player. Distance learning has been growing extremely fast and becoming a reality in all segments of the global economy. The cost for attending high quality technical courses has been decreasing. PIPELINEBRAZIL has been reaching out to pipeline experts from different parts of the world to prepare basic technical courses on pipeline business. Our business is pipeline and from here you will be able to choose a course very easily and quickly.


International conferences have grown exponentially in size over the past three decades, and small thematic working sessions, within the large global conferences, have recently been shown to be more efficient.
Taking this into consideration, PIPELINEBRAZIL believes the tendency towards thematic and smaller events is a more efficient way to share knowledge and experiences among the members of a technical community.
Our pipeline events will be thematic, smaller and specialized, and will give a singular chance to the leading pipeline researchers, engineers, experts, young professionals and students under one roof to exchange and share their experiences, results, recent innovations, trends, and also the solutions adopted within the field of pipelines.


Are you ready to invest in pipeline start-up companies?
Right Business Content, Right Technology, Right People, Right Size is the basic recipe for success. Here’s where you move from an idea to a competitive pipeline company, putting your dream into practice.
PIPELINEBRAZIL is on the hunt for pipeliners who would like to be founders of innovative companies.
We will help investors to understand this amazing pipeline world; and will combine the interests and experience of investors and entrepreneurs, as well as the energy from the young pipeliners with the experience of older heads.
PIPELINEBRAZIL is excited to invite you to explore all phases of establishing a very strong pipeline company: Idealizing, Conceiving, Committing, Validating, Scaling, and Establishing.


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